The thought of billing documents including fine print galore and double digit page numbers makes our skin crawl. We believe there are many things in life you CHOSE to make complicated or simple. We chose the latter. Our partners know they’re not going to be nickel-&-dimed or time-lined to death- we believe in fair, common sense business.


Is it insane to believe you own the information your business provides and having to go through gatekeepers and wait days to get access to it is just plain wrong? Our all-inclusive, proprietary, secure, customizable Web tools and reports allow you access 24/7 to ALL the information we collect regarding YOUR customers.


Planning is great. Would make things a lot simpler to run day-to-day if we could plan everything down to the nth degree, execute, and go home. Then reality happens. We get it and know the last thing you want to do is pick up the phone and request “the unreasonable”. Don’t worry- we’ll bend, not break.

Who We Are

Established in 1974, Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS) has steadily grown to become a leader in providing specialized publishers and their subscribers dependable services and solutions.  We are a Dayton based, privately held corporation, which gives us the flexibility to be customer driven (vs. shareholder), as well as less than a 90 minute flight away from 80% of America’s population (in case you were wondering about the Ohio thing!). 

We fulfill for over 35 publications and are proud to say our first client remains a client today.  We have the flexibility to develop custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our publishers.  Long-standing partnerships have given us the opportunity to develop an unparalleled expertise in the Catholic market.  We enjoy turnkey partnerships and thrive on helping publishers meet their ever-changing market demands.